Community Centre – St Joseph’s Hall

Appeal to date has raised €561,648

With your help, the Charity has built a Community/Sports Centre called St Joseph’s Hall in the grounds of Mother’s Village Orphanage. It is proving to be a great asset and is available to the local community and schools. It is regularly used by the orphans and the 30+ young men who are on a drug rehabilitation programme at the Village. The sports flooring was expensive and is protected by a special covering when the Hall is used for other activities. The Hall is used for mass for pilgrims to Medjugorje on special occasions as it can accommodate 2,000+ people.

Building a New Community Centre for all to share…

Mother’s Village Orphanage was started in 1993 by Fr Slavko Barbaric helped by the Franciscan Sisters. It evolved out of the need for protection and care for the children who had lost both their parents and their home during the war. Prior to his untimely death Fr Slavko Barbaric had discussed the need for this Centre with Fr Svet who tells us that it was Fr Slavko’s dream and that it became his dream too.

Dear Friend,

This multi-purpose building will include a small chapel of 200 sq. metres and another 1,000 sq. metres in the hall. It is for all the community to share but especially for the children of Medjugorje Parish and the people in our drug rehabilitation programme. Our pilgrims will also have a better ministry and can celebrate services from the Church, especially at New Year and other busy times. There is no similar hall in Medjugorje and it will be wonderful for the teachers and children to enjoy sports, art activities, drama and Christmas plays – that everyone can attend. I place this project, like all projects in Mother’s Village, into the Providence of Our Lord Jesus and into the Hands of Our Lady.

I welcome you to be part of this Providence.

Pax et bonum
Fr Svetozar Kraljevic

In fact, there is no chapel in St Joseph’s Hall as yet and that may not happen as the main hall is used for masses anyway. The space where the chapel was originally planned is now being developed as workshops for the children and young men in rehabilitation.  They make wonderful mosaics as part of their therapy – each stone they place is another step along the road to recovery and a symbol of the path they will follow when free of their addiction.  The Gallery where many books, rosary beads and the children’s craft work is sold will be moved to this area too.

The Holy Spirit sometimes has other plans!