Story of Lucija Behar

Lucija’s parents are Slaven & Marijeta and her older sister is Ana. Lucija was born as a premature baby. Some body functions were severely damaged. Ever since the early days all the family were intensively included in a programme of exercising her muscles to get her to her feet, and up to recently they have been given hope that she might walk on her own. However, the latest tests show that there is little hope of that happening as she is suffering from cerebral paralyses.

She also has problems with her eyes and had surgery for this in both Vienna and Zagreb. The medics are trying a new therapy with Botox injections to relax her muscles, but to date no major improvement has been shown. With no Government Aid for special needs children, her parents were desperate for a wheel chair or buggy to ease the burden of carrying their disabled daughter everywhere. St Joseph & The Helpers Charity were very happy to provide Lucija with a new buggy, which also enables her to spend time with other people, especially children. It is heartbreaking to see her jumping up and down in the buggy and clapping her hands since this is the most she can do, because she still does not realise that she cannot run or play with them.

The new buggy is a great asset to Lucijia and please God it will assist her to have a more comfortable life with her sister Ana and friends.

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