Official Opening of Kindergarten, 16th October 2007

by Cardinal Vinko Puljic

Sr Jelenka Puljic, Franciscan Provincial Superior of Mostar/Herzegovina, welcomed the Cardinal, priests, sisters, friends and benefactors of St Joseph & the Helpers charity. She told us that four years ago it was still questionable whether or not the Franciscan Sisters would stay here in Kiseljak. Then the idea to build a pre school was formed as it was much needed in the area. Work began on the building without money in hand. Many donations were promised but never materialised.

The Sisters prayed for a sign from God about whether they should continue with the work. They got their sign when a beautiful young Franciscan nun called Sr Dominika met with a group of Irish pilgrims in Medjugorje. Their leader was Arthur McCluskey and he, with fellow directors in Ireland, had recently formed a charity called St Joseph & The Helpers.

Sr Dominika asked “will you build our Kindergarten in Kiseljak?”

The rest, as they say, – is history!

The Sisters’ prayers were answered but they continue to pray for us all. Sr Jelenka said: “My dear friends, I am not certain whether or not you feel the effects of our constant prayers, but I feel and believe that you do. We, the Sisters, pray for you daily: May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your families. May your beloved donors be always blessed and covered with the Motherly love of the Queen of Peace and protection of Her Spouse, St Joseph.”

Sr Janja translated some of Cardinal Puljic’s homily for the 70+ pilgrims from Ireland and the UK. His Eminence apparently gave the sisters some homework! He told them that they are duty bound to pray for all the benefactors of the charity and to do so every day of their lives.

So, to all of you good people of Ireland, UK and USA we thank you most sincerely for your generosity, for the faith you placed in this charity by entrusting us with your money. We thank you for your fund raising efforts on our behalf and for your continued support and prayers. We will continue to support the Kindergarten by covering all maintenance, heating and lighting at a cost of €20,000 each year as there is no state aid available.

We can rejoice together that the first building project undertaken by the charity has been completed and is a fine, beautiful building that should stand proud for centuries.

May the Good Lord and His Beloved Mother Mary bless you all.

We pray for your help…

We pray that your heart will be open to giving freely to these very worthy causes. Your donation (large or small) can make a huge difference to the lives of those whom we are striving to help.

If you would like to sponsor a child to the Kindergarten, your support would be a great gift to a child in need.

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