Respite Centre for Special Needs Children

On 8th July 2013, the Official Opening of the Respite Centre and School for Children and Young People with Special Needs took place. …. Read More

Pastoral Centre and Public Kitchen

Fr Pero Karajica and Cardinal Vinko Puljic wrote to request our help with building a Pastoral Centre which will incorporate a Public Kitchen. Meals will be provided for 300 people every day… Read More

Visoko School

Restoration and Modernisation of The Franciscan Secondary School at Visoko, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Built in 1900 and confiscated by the Communists in 1945, St Joseph & The Helpers Charity were asked to restore this important school…. Read More



Mother’s Village Orphanage … St Joseph’s Hall

Building a New Community Centre for all to share…

Mother’s Village Orphanage provides early education and looks after the upbringing and social care of children and young people. It was founded in 1993 by the Franciscan order who continue to run the Orphanage under the directorship of Fr Svetozar Kraljevic…. Read More

Kiseljak – Kindergarten

St Joseph & the Helpers charity is pleased to announce that Cardinal Vinko Puljic, Bosnia Herzegovina’s only Cardinal, officially opened the Kindergarten at Kiseljak on the 16th October 2007.
His Eminence dedicated the school to the benefactors of the charity as a way of thanking them for being the first to offer help to a region which was ignored by the rest of the world after the Yugoslav war…. Read More

Bijelo Polje – Kindergarten

The new Kindergarten at Bijelo Polje is a beacon of hope in an area that was ethnically cleansed during the ‘92 –’95 war…Read More

The Grandparents Home and Orphanage in Vionica

This lovely Nursing Home stands in the grounds of Vionica Orphanage, a few kilometres from Medjugorje. Over 30 elderly residents live at the Home where they are well fed and cared for with love and respect… Read More

The Miracles Centre for Prosthesis & Care

The Miracles Centre for Prosthesis & Care was completed in May 2009. The aim of making one limb a week in the first year is slightly ahead of target, which is a great start. However, with an estimated 5,000 people in need of new limbs your support is needed for this wonderful project….. Read More

St. Luke’s Home Care

A Programme bringing help to people in their homes.

Led by Jane Dowd, Educational Health Nurse, from Co. Galway, Ireland and employing 4 local nurses with their irreplaceable…. Read More

Story of Lucija Behar

Lucija’s parents are Slaven & Marijeta and her older sister is Ana. Lucija was born in January 2001 as a premature baby…. Read More